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We love the Sano Liftkar MTK 190 Stair Climber 

The Sano Liftkar MTK 190 stair climber offers the easiest stairclimbing mechanism to use on the market. The Sano patented mechanism lifts up to 190 kilograms on the MTK 190 with simple one button operation and dual handles for operator comfort.

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Hire Sano Liftkar MTK 290 Stair Climber Online
Delivering speed, ease of use and the Sano MTK offers the easiest features of any powered stairclimber available.

When we carry out light weight stair climbing jobs ourselves this is always our go to machine up to 190 Kg. The sheers speed and user friendly controls make this stairclimber model a winner.

Model  Sano Liftakr MTK 190
S.W.L (Safe Working Limit) 190 Kg
Machine Weight 35 KG
Lifting Height 210 mm
Additional Info Climbing Speed:
16-18 Steps per Minute